Community Service Project

Your President, Grady Ferry, has chosen the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Houston and Galveston, Texas as our community service project for the next year.  Not only do they need financial donations but also the following items would certainly help: light weight lap blankets, knit caps, scarves, and tote bags. Even in the summer they will be able to use these items, because with lost of weight and muscle they are more subject to cold. Tote bags, so they will have something to put their “things” in as they go to different treatment areas. So if you or your unit is crafty get busy and let’s have a bundle of items for her to take back with her for the children.
Remember, these children are treated and none are turned away because they can’t pay. If your unit wants to have fundraisers that is terrific. You may send checks to me made out to: Shiners Hospitals for Children and I will send them in with a letter letting them know it is from our region and I will also keep a tally of what is given. I will report this through the president.

The “Bucket” Challenge is to raise money for the Shriner’s Hospital in Houston and Galveston.  I handed out plastic buckets to each of the units.  The bucket should be present at all unit rallies and that donations to the bucket be made at the rallies.  The buckets will remain in the units for the entire year and then tallied up next year to see which unit raised the most money for Shriner’s.

Children belong to all of us, let’s help where we can. If you have any questions send me an e-mail: or call 254-266-2214. Thank you for all you do, one reason we are the best region in WBCCI!!!

From the desk of:
Janie Haddaway
200 Walnut Hill Ave. #90
Hillsboro, TX 76645


As you begin making plans for your year as president, please consider ways your unit can contribute to the Community Service Project I have chosen.  I am recommending Shriners Hospital for Children as our community service project in Region 9 for 2017. Janie Haddaway, Region 9 Community Service Chairman, has been in touch with the Shriners Hospital for Children and shared the following information with me.    They don’t turn a child away, whether their family can pay or not.  We realize how blessed we are everyday just by looking around and seeing so many needs of others.  Especially our children, so many who have physical and medical needs and families who are having hard times. The following is some information you can share with your members about the Shriners Hospital for Children.
Shriners Hospital for Children (SHC)-Houston served 5,052 patients in 2013 from an active roster of more than 15,000 patients under care until age 18. Fifty-eight percent of active patients lack the ability to pay for care. The Houston hospital provides expert pediatric care through a wide-range of comprehensive on-site services that support children when they stay at the hospital and when they return home. From Houston’s on-site Movement Analysis Laboratory which studies children’s gait and movement patterns to the Inpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Program which works with each child that requires therapy services three hours a day five days a week, the Houston hospital implements continuity of care for children with life-long conditions rarely performed by other organizations.
Shriners Hospital for Children (SHC)-Galveston served 1,975 patients in 2013 from an active roster of more than 4,500 patients under care until age 18. Seventy-six percent of active patients lack the ability to pay for care. The Galveston hospital provides life-saving care through the Critical Burn Unit which delivers surgical intervention and focused wound care to children with burn injuries over 10% of their bodies and through the on-site Tissue Bank which processes and delivers skin for grafting treatments. These programs and the many others implemented at SHC-Galveston help children heal faster, reduce post-trauma infections and improve overall physical and mental wellness before returning home.
True to the Shriners guiding vow, to protect childhood, we admit all children under our specialties, regardless of the families’ ability to pay. Both hospitals are passionate about the Shriner mission and each implements services that impact children’s lives and help their families, schools and communities better care for them when they return home.
SHC-Houston and Galveston perform vital, life-changing and life-saving services that help children return home to live life to the fullest. Without our hospitals and the expert care we provide, many children would be inadequately diagnosed or left with debilitating scars. All services at each hospital are provided regardless of the families’ ability to pay and true to the Shriner mission, the Texas hospitals deliver services to many that other institutions have turned away. Instead of turning these brave children and their families away, both hospitals in Texas engage them and guide them with expert care on their journey to overcome obstacles others believed were unbeatable. SHC-Houston and Galveston are honored to serve the children of Texas and beyond.
The units can make checks out to Shriners Hospital for Children and send it to Janie at the following address. She will send it along with a letter letting them know who it is from and will also keep a tally to report back to the region.
Janie Haddaway
200 Walnut Hill Ave. #90
Hillsboro, TX 76645
We are very familiar with the Wounded Warriers Program, and in the last two years we (WBCCI) have contributed over $70,000.  There are still needs for our Wounded Warriors that we can help with by contributing to WWP.  If you would like to continue contributing to the Wounded Warriers, you may send checks made out to WWP to Janie Haddaway.  She will also keep a total of all we send in to them as well.