Membership in WBCCI can be either as a member of a local unit or as a “Member At Large”.

Members at Large pay dues directly to WBCCI Headquarters.  Members at Large may attend all WBCCI functions, but have no input regarding unit activities or officers.

Unit members pay dues to the unit Treasurer who forwards part of the dues to WBCCI headquarters and retains the balance of the dues to support unit activities.  Depending on the individual unit, unit members may pay slightly more or less total dues than Members at Large.

All members receive yearly, ten issues of the WBCCI publication, “Blue Beret”, a directory of members, and a number of additional benefits including guest parking and discounted parking at participating RV parks.

The Region 9 Membership Chairman is Rae Gilbert.  She can be contacted at or (713) 412-2838.

You can join or renew online.

Printable Membership Application and Lifetime Membership Application